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All posts in Testimonials

Excellent work and very responsive.

James Greer

Emily is a great person to work with. She's full of creative ideas and really listens to what we're looking for.

Sherman Arnowitz

Thorough and professional. I got what I expected.

Leah Ingram - Detect All

Thank you! Great service and file received immediately as promised!

Karen McMeen

Great product, super flexible with wishes. Fast too!!!

Colleen Wallace

Love it!! Enjoying my new logo. :)

Josie Vizcaya

Amazing customer service!! Great product. Definitely recommend them. Thank you for the beautiful logo and your prompt responses to my million questions.

Susan Diaz

Good interface.


My team has worked with Emily on a few design projects, and we have nothing but praise for her work. The aesthetic and quality of her designs have been a tremendous help in bringing a fresh, updated look to our Marketing Materials. Her creativity and style is what sold us at first, but her flexibility, patience and timeliness is what makes her a pleasure to work with. On top of that, her rate is reasonable and she is mindful of budget. Seeing that all of our projects with her so far have been non-web projects, her skills go beyond web to any marketing collateral, really. We're looking forward to more collaborations with Em, and I'd recommend her wholeheartedly.

Wesco Aircraft

Great design, quick response from Emily and she easily takes your ideas and creates exactly what you had imagined!

Brides and Vines